Earth and Water Network

Bansri ki Dhun Say Dhun and Akhri Darakht

Earth and Water Network, an organisation working on Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation in Pakistan, is organizing these performances as part of the Seminar “Responsible Conversion in Karachi: Adapting to Climate Change in Pakistan’s Largest Metropolis,” co-organised with Shehri-CBE, and with the collaboration of the Tehrik-e-Niswan Theatre Group.

This program features a tableau based on Rumi’s Tale of the Reed-flute Bansri ki Dhun Say Sun, as well as the CCTA play Akhri Darakht.

Featured CCTA playwright and translation into Urdu: Shahid Nadeem.

Performers: Imran Khan, Waheed Ali, Shahjahan Narejo, Naveed Waghani, Zaina Nawab and Sameeta Ahmed.

Karachi, Pakistan
October 24, 4-7 pm

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