Climate Change Theatre Action at Edgewood College

Diane Ballweg Theatre at Edgewood College 1000 Edgewood College Dr, Madison, WI, United States

We are doing a class reading for the Applied Acting Techniques class in the Theatre Arts department at Edgewood College.  The class focuses on script analysis for the actor, so GODS OF THE LAND! by Achiro P. Olwoch will give the class a chance to not only work on acting techniques, but also to discuss

Take Ten for Climate Change

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Pittsburgh, PA, United States

During the week of October 23, all instructors in the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama have pledged to "take ten minutes for climate change" in each of their classes and read aloud one of the plays from the Climate Change Theatre Action collection. The aim of this event is to open a school-wide conversation on

Climate Change Theatre Action in Nigeria

Kaduna Kaduna, Nigeria

Sonia Bature is working with young people ages 17-18 to present GODS OF OUR LANDS! by Achiro P. Olwoch at her house in Kaduna, Nigeria on November 1st.

Climate Change Theatre Action at Ruhr University Bochum

Ruhr University Bochum Faculty of Philology Department of Theatre Studies, Room GABF 05/608 Bochum, Germany

The students in Theatre Studies at Ruhr University Bochum will read and analyze the Climate Change Theatre Action plays GODS OF THE LAND! by Achiro P. Olwoch, RUBE GOLDBERG DEVICE FOR THE GENERATION OF HOPE by Jordan Hall, and IDEA MOOSE by  Kendra Fanconi. The different dramatic approaches of the CCTA playwrights show how extremely varied contemporary

Climate Theatre and Playback Performance

Cairo Climate Talks Cairo, Egypt

Ending 2017 with a unique interactive experience, Cairo Climate Talks is hosting a Climate Change Theatre Action and Playback performance for the first time. The talented troupe Khoyout will perform five CCTA plays: Angella Emurwon, BARE SPACES Vinicius Jatobá, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER Abhishek Majumdar, 399 MaryAnn Karanja, UN-CURSE Achiro P. Olwoch, GODS OF THE