CSPA Supports: Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 Micro-Grants to Canadian Artists

Thanks to support from the Canada Council for the Arts and through the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts’ CSPA Supports Program, we are pleased to offer 5-10 micro-grants of $500-$1,000 to individuals or groups based in Canada organizing an event for Climate Change Theatre Action 2021. 

This opportunity was open to individuals and groups based in Canada who are not associated with an institution. (Small theatres without operational funding and students who don’t have access to university funding were eligible.) Priority was given to BIPOC applicants and applicants from provinces and territories that have not been represented in CCTA so far: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Yukon.

Micro-grant Recipients:

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded five micro-grants of $1,000 to support CCTA events taking place in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Yukon.

Francine Dulong and Haeweon Yi are Blooming Ludus: a participatory theatre company connecting people, art, and the environment to fight for climate justice and a sustainable future. We create playful pieces that invite audiences to explore and physicalize humanity’s relationship to the planet. Currently based in Seoul (South Korea) and Halifax (Canada), our performances range from communal deep dives into housing rights, Atlantic Cod musical comedy, and the takeover of a local power grid.

Blooming Ludus will host a workshop and play-reading day centered around apple growing and harvesting, bringing the local community together around how apples and food growing in general are impacted by the climate crisis. This event will take place at The Deanery, an art and environment centre in Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia.

Lily Falk is an emerging theatre artist and facilitator living in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). She is co-artistic director of Gale Force Theatre. She was an emerging sound designer with Neptune Theatre’s 2019/20 Chrysalis Project. Her first play, Crypthand, was developed at the 2019 PARC Colony and won the Best Original Script award at the 2019 Halifax Fringe Festival. It is slated for full production in Fall 2021. She is currently developing a serialized audio drama for kids. When she isn’t writing, her work spans outdoor education, puppetry, audio storytelling, and devised creation.

Gale Force Theatre, in partnership with Adventure Earth Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, will host a weekly theatre workshop for kids ages 9-11 that will lead to an outdoor performance of one of the CCTA plays.

Nicole Schafenacker is an artist, writer, and graduate of University of Northern British Columbia’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. Her interests include narrative practices and performance to cultivate resiliency, especially in intimate or colonized spaces in the North. Her most recent work is a site-specific project entitled Ecologies of Intimacy, centering feminist narratives, social justice, and relationship to land. She has performed in Canada, the US, and Norway.

This project will feature the text When by Yukon-raised playwright Wren Brian and will be directed by Nicole Schafenacker. Four performers will create a choral-like reading of Brian’s words layered with field recordings from a nearby wildlife corridor in McIntyre Creek. When will be featured as a radio play and podcast recording in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Shannon Tosic McNally is an award-winning film producer, actor, and director based out of Toronto, Canada. Shannon always knew she wanted to be a multidisciplinary storyteller and was often told to “choose a lane”. Born in Toronto, she grew up in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, and Montreal, Quebec. The constant cultural shift, while confusing at times, highlighted how crucial telling our story is to understand each other. Shannon is the founder, and festival director for Toronto Indie Night, a short film showcase currently in its third year. She is also a founding member of Acting in Good Company, an organization dedicated to theatre school reform and breaking the culture of silence within our industry.

Shannon will direct Caity-Shea Violette’s Bedtime Stories for My (future) Daughter. She will pull from her background as both a theatre artist and a filmmaker to bring this story to life. The production will be presented in November as part of Toronto Indie Night.

Kristina Watt Villegas is an award-winning actor and theatre creator with a passion for questioning our relationship with the planet and each other. Often in collaboration with youth, she creates theatre that investigates the collision between science and the arts (Holding Mercury, Particle, 12). A recent digital project, WHILE WE WAIT, was in the first International EcoPerformance Festival (Brazil, SA). Once relocating to Ottawa from New York City, she has performed at national and independent theatres. She is Artistic Director of 100 Watt Productions and teaches at the University of Ottawa. 

In Ottawa, Canada, nine young artists will offer a live event that includes performances of three of the CCTA plays and a “Green New Deal” discussion with a multi-generational audience. The aim is to bridge a gap between youth and elders, to foster curiosity for one another’s experience of the climate crisis, and to motivate a more unified commitment to action.