Olivia Kaloudi


Presented as part of the Art for Change Festival

APPRECIATION is a solo performance about the connections between Athenians and human induced climate change, both local and global. The apparent easygoingness and superfluousness of the performer subtly changes colors during the course of the performance. Her appreciation of climate phenomena takes many forms: irony, insight, naivety, black humor, loud sarcasm, poignancy, wishful thinking. Combining physical theater and contemporary dance, the performer oscillates between succumbing to a general sense of idleness or futility, and joining social efforts as an energized and efficient individual.

Work in progress, duration 20min. The performance is in english.

Original script: Katie Pearl
Script adaptation:Olivia Kaloudi
Performance: Olivia Kaloudi

Music Art Magazine (MAG) and Old City host the 2nd Art For Change Festival. The vision and mission of the festival is to offer opportunities to selected performers and creators in different artistic fields, to present their work to the public.

Old City Bar Theatre
99-101 Patision St.
Athens, Greece
October 29, 2017, 9:00 pm

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