CCTA 2019

HowlRound Theatre Commons, March 2019
What I Learned About Gender Parity and Racial Diversity from Running a Global Participatory Initiative

Broadway World, November 2018
Global Participatory Project Climate Change Theatre Action Returns in 2019

Artists & Climate Change, November 2018
Changing the Climate Narrative Fifty Plays at a Time

CCTA 2017

The Keystone News, January 2018
‘Climate Change Theater Action’ hosted at Eckhaus Gallery

OnStage Blog, September 2017
The Story of CCTA: How Theatre Artists are Raising Climate Change Awareness

CCTA 2015

American Theatre Magazine, March 2016
As the Climate Change Threat Grows, So Does a Theatrical Response

New York Theater, December 2015
Climate Change Can Be Fun: Where Have All The Glaciers Gone Theater Review

The Student Life, December 2015
Green Shorts Film Series (Re)Imagines Climate Change Awareness

The Thunderbird, November 2015 (Canada)
Local artists put climate change on stage for Paris talks

Stuff, November 2015 (New Zealand)
Staging a Cause

The Ithacan, November 2015
Theater Performance Focuses on Environment