University of Central Oklahoma

The Blue Puzzle

On Monday, November 13th at 4:00pm, the UCO Department of Theatre Arts senior capstone students will present a performance of THE BLUE PUZZLE by Clare Duffy, in conjunction with Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA). THE BLUE PUZZLE will be performed on the UCO Labyrinth as a form of site-specific, environmental theatre. “Within contemplative pedagogy, labyrinths are one form of active meditative practice,” explains Kato Buss, Ph.D. “We believe the UCO labyrinth serves as a site of transformative learning and an ideal location to present a CCTA project, which asks us ‘to deeply consider climate change; to imagine loss, survival, and resilience; and to expand our methods of telling stories and making work.’”

The Labyrinth, University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma
Monday, November 13 @ 4 pm