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Hello Potential Collaborators!

Climate Change Theatre Action is a global festival of short plays about the climate crisis that brings communities together to take local and global action on climate.

Our theme this year, “All Good Things Must Begin,” is inspired by the journal entry of American science fiction writer Octavia Butler. Butler was incredibly prescient, writing about extremism, racial justice, and climate change some 30 years ago. By setting intentions and visualizing a positive outcome, she defied the odds and became the author of many celebrated novels, winning each of science fiction’s highest honors. While the worlds of her novels depict the violent challenges of today’s interlocking crises, her protagonists remain devoted to thriving, to achieving survival beyond the destructive and oppressive societies they come from. 

The climate crisis demands the same kind of imaginative leap: we will create a just and regenerative world only if we dare to imagine it first, and use that vision to guide us through the difficulties. We all need to be solarpunks and envision radical pluralistic futures where nature and community thrive, and where we reject the apocalypse and embrace counterculture, post-capitalism, and decolonization.

Organize an event in your community

Join us by organizing and presenting an event in your community between September 17 and December 23, 2023 using at least one play from our collection. Your event can be anything from an intimate reading to a fully staged performance, and from a podcast to a film adaptation.

We have the goods! We provide you with a collection of 50 plays, a list of resources to help make your Action effective and unique, organizational and marketing support, and a lot of enthusiasm!

Want to know more and hear from previous participants? Watch the recording of our CCTA 2023 Virtual Meet-Up, which was held on May 20, 2023.

Contact us at ccta [at] to gain access to the plays and start planning your event.

Explore our website and YouTube channel to see what previous organizers have done.

Download the guidelines and resources as a pdf.