• All Good Things Must Begin at Immerse Fringe

  • Climate Change Theatre Action 2023 at UC Berkeley

  • All Good Things Must Begin at Allegheny College

  • UWC Day – Shaping a Sustainable Future

  • The Future Starts Now

  • “All Good Things Must Begin” at Towson University

  • Climate Change Theatre Action Play Readings: “All Good Things Must Begin”

  • Flock and Flower

  • Deli Climate Action Week: All Good Things Must Begin

  • G.R.O.W. Get Rowdy Over Wildlife!

  • Magic

  • University of the Fraser Valley Presents Climate Change Theatre Action

  • Climate Change Theatre Action: Play-Reading Gathering

  • Climate Change Theatre Action in Camden, London

  • GLOBAL WARNING, all good things must begin

  • Climate Change Theatre Action at the Gutenbergschule

  • Tomorrow

  • Look, Dream, Begin!

  • Act Like Your Life Depends On It! : An Evening of Climate Theatre

  • Extinction Rebellion at the Fall Festival

  • Wren Brian

Commissioned for Climate Change Theatre Action
What is the magnificent future?

A group of voices belonging to diverse and marginalized bodies discuss the significance and challenges of dreaming for a better future. They grapple with the complexities of dreaming beyond their own lifetimes, acknowledging the destructive forces shaping the present while urging each other to envision a grand and bold future for generations to come.