Staring Her Down

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  • Chekhov Club

  • Eco-Design Charrette

  • Lighting the Way in Utah

  • Performing Climate Change in Hamburg, Germany

  • Climate Change Theatre Action Fraser Valley

  • Climate Change Theatre Action in New Orleans

  • Take Ten for Climate Change at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

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  • Ngaru Ngaru – Surfing the Wave (CCTA Aotearoa 2019 – Street Theatre Version)

  • Ngaru Ngaru – Surfing the Wave (CCTA Aotearoa 2019)

Commissioned for Climate Change Theatre Action
A tidal wave…it sounds like some movie.

A Captain and a Politician face an impending rogue wave. The Captain sees the wave as a wake-up call for humanity to finally take notice and act to save the environment and the world, while the Politician sees human tragedy and personal loss.