Canary – Climate Change Theatre Action in Mostar

Oct 102019

”A true story, a fantasy, an allegory. For all the people, animals, insects and landscapes whose bodies are on the line, voluntarily and involuntarily, through climate activism, climate displacement, climate disaster, climate illness; for those who leverage the safety and privilege of their bodies to stand in for those who cannot stand out or speak up due to risk of harm or persecution; for those who, through their small everyday actions, carry on the messages of those of us injured, disappeared, imprisoned, so that change will come.”
—CANARY by Hanna Cormick


Statera brings Climate Change Theatre Action to the Balkans with our production of Hanna Cormick’s CANARY. This is the first showing of our project, which will also be performed in Ljubljana and Duino, Italy.

On Thursday 10th October, we will perform twice at Mostar Youth Theatre, starting at 18:30 and 19:30. Please make a free reservation on eventbrite as spaces are limited. This is a free event, however, please donate if you can as we are experiencing unforeseen funding pressures.

We’re looking forward to a night of artistic climate action with you.

Statera is an ensemble of United World College Mostar students working to tackle the climate crisis through performance art. We are Joseph Knight, Ivana Budjarovska, Edie Boulting, Hannah Lou Malena-Morin, Lucija Babić, Mia Marinović, Paula Irmler, Qendresa Mehmeti, and Andrea Goreta. Mentored by Damir Čobo.

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