Climate Change Theatre Action in Lebanon

Dec 182019

In this event we will be using the Arabic script “LEILA WAL ZE’B” by Hassan Abdulrazzak in a modern way. Working on repetition and rhythms, followed by a film projection on climate change and a discussion.

This event will happen on the night of our monthly cinema club event “Rooftop Cinema,” transforming our studio (studio Laban) into a more climate friendly space, replacing the usual stage lights with LED lights to help save energy and limit the heat.

To start implementing a plan to deal with our waste and garbage – starting by reducing and reusing (going into more sustainable alternatives), recycling in order to reach a zero waste space – we are partnering with local organizations working on waste management for this cause. We already ditched all unnecessary printings and are more focused on the soft copies.



Studio Laban, Beirut

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