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April 17 @ 2:13 pm

In one more move, ECOLAB directs its gaze and its transmedia performative practice to the concept of ECOTONOS, which refers to transitional environments between two or more neighboring ecosystems, and presents artistic and aesthetic possibilities – ecopoetic at last – to make the transition from the ego to the echo, from an anthropocene culture to an ecocene one through performances and artivist actions, which portray, in a transdisciplinary and multimedia way, the daily life of people in urban areas on the periphery of the climate (MAPA).

The idea is to bring together, in two days of the event, people to think, experience and propose collective actions on corporeity, nature, the city, and the digital as glocal common goods, through an active and expanded look at the theme, aiming to promote the opening of artistic practice to new understandings, thus challenging conventional ways of thinking about climate, people, places, and sensations, in order to promote community actions pro commons in dealing with issues related to climate change .

Thus, the Ecopoetics Laboratory (ECOLAB) will bring together, in three southeastern Brazilian states (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais), the following simultaneous, synchronous, immersive and participative performative actions: 1) The Ecotonos performative event itself; 2) A varied number of small actions performed by laboratory members and guests, and; 3) The presentation of a look at the play INITIATION by Angela Emurwon, in a spectacular event in which the public also participate

Participants: Alessandra Costa Araújo, Aline Carvalho, Aline Neli, Ana Carolina Reis, Ana Marina Nascimento, Aneliza Rodrigues Prado, Carlos Eduardo Oliveira de Souza, Elisa Ottoni, Gabriel Augusto Liparini Queiroz, Gabriela Januário Macedo Vital, Isadora Franco, Isadora Roxo, Ívyla Nascimento Silva, Maitê Brito Haical Jacob Lemos, Marina Pavan Hajar, Oli Campelo, Patrick Veniali da Silva, Thaís Figueiredo Gazzola, Valentina Do Carmo, Wesley Furquim

Evento online síncrono, simultâneo e presencial com os integrantes do Laboratório situados nos seguintes estados e cidades: MG: São João del-Rei, Juiz de Fora, Conselheiro Lafaiete. RJ: Rio de Janeiro, Niterói. SP: São Paulo, Campinas, Vinhedo, São Roque, Santo André


2:13 pm PST
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São João del-Rei, Brazil
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ECOLAB – Online, São João del-Rei

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