Glamour & Grit

Nov 162019

Vampingo Productions will be presenting selections from the new musical, GLAMOUR & GRIT by Ariana Johns and Darryl Curry, along with SIX POLAR BEARS FELL OUT OF THE SKY THIS MORNING by CCTA playwright Alister Emerson, from New Zealand. GLAMOUR & GRIT focuses on how we can use elemental magic, environmental science, and modern technology to save our blue planet and find our family, in whatever form they take.

Emerson states, “I have always been inspired by the classic satirists such as Jonathon Swift, Molière and Brecht, but I can’t go past the modern comic masters of the absurd: Monty Python or Jon Stewart who smack us in the face with the truth like a wet fish.”

The event is hosted by The Dramatists Guild Foundation, and we’ll have a talkback/reception after the presentation regarding how Theatre can influence communities to care about the climate crisis.

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