Hurricane in a Handbag: A Collection of Eco-Performances

Dec 172019

We global warmingly invite you to this Climate Change Theatre Action event, sharing in the work of students of Eco-Performance at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. This time to share will also feature the voices of playwrights Caridad Svich (A LETTER FROM THE OCEAN) and Hanna Cormick (CANARY), who have contributed to Climate Change Theatre Action 2019. These performances and readings will take place from 2:30-4 PM in Seully Hall on Tuesday, December 17, inclusive of a short talk-with if time permits.


In lieu of a printed program, here are the pieces for our event:

There’s No Place Like Home (Zach Cahill and Jackson Grove)
Where it Goes (Marissa Pineda)
Persephone & Lilith (Sabrina Koss and Parker Jennings)
Happy Birthday, Suci! (Anastasia Lallos and Peter Toto)
Canary (by Hanna Cormick, a reading for CCTA)
The Giving Tree (Deirdre Roberts and Jack Chavous)
Enjengaed Species (Colin Anderson and Nora Hurley)
Get Down with your Bat Self (Taylor Thomas and Parker Jennings)
Same Breath (Aaron Dix, Blake Du Bois, and Kean Petrello)
One with Water (Haley Rosenthal)
A Letter from the Ocean (by Caridad Svich, a reading for CCTA)


Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Boston, MA, 02215

Featured Plays