Lighting the Way

Dec 212019

July 13 @ 5:51 pm

This event is an immersive experience in a suburban home in Saint Helena, California. Guests will gather indoors and outdoors for plays happening simultaneously in separate spaces, becoming isolated and ultimately unified. At the plays’ conclusion, we will toast the winter solstice, muse on the plays’ narratives, and pool our collective resources – to discover how Napa Valley residents are already engaging with climate justice, and to learn how we can use our own unique skills to collectively do more. Featured plays are: Hassan Abdulrazzak – LAILA PINES FOR THE WOLF Hanna Cormick – CANARY Shy Richardson & Karina Yager – TRÉS MARIAS David Finnigan – THERE ARE A LOT OF STORIES YOU CAN TELL ABOUT HUMANITY Kamil Haque – THE OLDE WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE Paula Cizmar – APPEALING Marcus Youssef – DUST [recorded] Sunny Drake – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF ANY MEANING Lana Nasser – THE BUTTERFLY THAT PERSISTED David Geary – OWN NOW Katie Pearl – THE EARTH’S BLUE HEART Caridad Svich – A LETTER FROM THE OCEAN

The Myers House (private residence)

Saint Helena, CA 94574 United States


The Myers House (private residence), Saint Helena, CA, 94574

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