Live On Air: Climate Change Theatre Action in Asheville, North Carolina

Dec 122019

Live On Air on WPVM FM in Asheville, North Carolina, will present a “staged reading” of the following four CCTA plays with Dayna Reggero, Barbie Angell, and Daniele Martin. Listen or watch online via @Climate Listening Project on Facebook.

Kiana Rivera – KUMU KUKUI
MaryAnn Karanja – BIRTHDAY SUIT
Paula Cizmar – APPEALING
Marcus Youssef – DUST

Climate Listening Project – Climate Change Theatre Action

Climate Listening Project was live on air on WPVM 103.7 as part of international Climate Change Theatre Action during COP25 reaching thousands of people with important messages from playwrights around the world, featuring plays: “Kumu Kukui” by Kiki Rivera (Samoan-Filipinx born and raised in Hawaii), “Birthday Suit” by MaryAnn Karanja (Kenya), “Appealing” by Paula Cizmar (USA), and “Dust” by Marcus Youssef (Canada). This “staged reading” was directed by and featuring Daniele Martin, Barbie Angell, and Dayna Reggero. With many thanks to child guest star Lennon Angell. And big gratitude to our producer Davyne Dial!

Posted by Climate Listening Project on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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