Oct 242019

In this interactive performance, audience members are invited to tell personal stories and watch as Hudson River Playback Theatre’s team of improvisers act them out on the spot, along with music. Improvised scenes will alternate with two short scripted plays on climate change commissioned for Climate Change Theatre Action, performed by professional guest actors: THE DONATION by Jordan Hall, and THE BUTTERFLY THAT PERSISTED by Lana I. Nasser.

THE TIME IS NOW! is sponsored by the SUNY New Paltz Climate Action Club.

Climate facts and resources will be included in printed programs. The Climate Action Club and other environmental organizations on campus will provide sign-up sheets and info about upcoming local climate actions.

Hudson River Playback Theatre, a New Paltz, NY-based nonprofit ensemble founded in 1990, has performed by invitation in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Montreal, London, and Frankfurt. They have carried out performances on climate change for 10 years.

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