Time is Running Out – The Time to Act is NOW!”

Nov 72019

Senior drama students aged 15-18 years explored a dual idea of climate change alongside colonisation, and the feeling of loss of your homeland in both scenarios.

Year 10 (15 year-olds) began with the play LAILA PINES FOR THE WOLF by Hassan Abdulrazzak, and then this was incorporated into a larger play.

Year 11 and 12 (16-17 year-olds) used devising and agitprop to create a protest piece with Greta’s journey in taking action and stirring others.

Year 13 (17-18 year-olds) devised and used Pacifica Theatre to explore climate change and colonisation.

Year 10 finished the piece with the LAILA story again, however re-wrote the ending to show there is hope if we all choose to take action.

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