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October 28, 2023
12:00PM EST
October 29, 2023
3:00PM EST

Needs More Work Productions is proud to present Tomorrow! Join us to explore climate justice through a collection of site-specific short plays in this free admission event. Four archetypal characters from past and future times present their perspective on the impending climactic doom, trying to find hope and beauty in the most unexpected of places. We will be collaborating with the Moore Jackson Community Garden in NYC, and exploring their activism in community composting. Bring your food scraps to watch a live demonstration of this fascinating process!

Director, Executive producer: Sivan Raz.

Actors: Enya María Martínez Reyes, Andrea Azomoza Guerrero, Matias Bruno and Sivan Raz.

Writers: Emma Gibson, Caity-Shea Violette, Kirby Vicente and Wren Brian.


Moore Jackson Community Garden
Moore Jackson Community Garden, 51st Street, Queens, NY, USA

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