UWC Day – Shaping a Sustainable Future

Sep 212023
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September 21, 2023
8:10 am-12:20 pm

During our annual UWC Day celebrations, this year with the theme ‘Shaping a Sustainable Future,’ students at the United World College Maastricht will be involved in practical workshops around Climate Action. Each year group class in Middle School and High School (664 students and 43 staff members) will have a class period allocated to read collectively at least one of the plays from ‘Climate Change Theatre Action.’ The assigned task is to read at least one of the short plays provided in their groups and have a discussion about its content, Sustainability issues addressed, for students to assess how this relates to their own communities/countries/situations. 


UWC Maastricht (United Word College)
Discusworp 65, 6225XP Maastricht, Netherlands

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