What Trash Are You: A Flash Residency


From October 2-5, PAN Shanghai will put on a four-day collaborative arts residency for 12 artists of different backgrounds (from all around China and the world) to create work around the theme of climate change.

Our residency is called “What Trash Are You: A Flash Residency,” based on the new trash sorting regulations in Shanghai that are paving the way for China’s trash management future. Trash is a hot topic for us these days.

While artists were welcome to create work on their own, we will also provide a handful of CCTA plays, including ICE FLOW by Philip Braithwaite, as the basis for an adapted physical theatre piece. Original works created in the four days will be shown to a small invite-only audience and live-streamed publicly.

After the open house, we will have an hour-long conversation in both Chinese and English about trash sorting, personal habits, the environment, etc… all live-streamed.

Residency Recap here & Meet the Residents here!


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