Climate Change Theatre Action in Alberta

Nov 222023
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November 22, 2023
4:00 pm

Presented at MacEwan University, the event will feature readings of four short plays followed by a brief panel discussion about Climate Change and the Arts with scholars from the University of Alberta and MacEwan University.  The plays are directed by Prof. Doug Mertz (MacEwan), dramaturged by Dr. Stefano Muneroni (U of A), and performed by actors from both universities: Rowan Andruik and Spenser Kells from the U of A’s BFA Acting program, and Eli Yaschuk and Kit Brooks from MacEwan’s Music Theatre Performance BFA program.

The panel discussion includes Professor April Viczko and Dr. Stefano Muneroni (U of A), and Dr. Erandy Vergara-Vargas and Prof. Sheena Rossiter (MacEwan) 

Featured plays:

Nachtflug by Nathan Ellis (Germany)
Magical Fungi in Times Square by Chantal Bilodeau (United States)
The Polar Bears by Nicolas Billon (Canada)
Cassandra Drowning by Nathan Joe (New Zealand). 

Please join us on Wednesday November 22 at 4:00 pm in the Tim Ryan Theatre Lab on the second floor of Allard Hall (MacEwan University).


Tim Ryan Theatre Lab on the second floor of Allard Hall, MacEwan University
11110 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1M9, Canada

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Featured Plays